CHRYSALIS: A Metamorphosis Has Begun paperback Edition


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The Chrysalis, is specifically about the author’s struggles with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his experiences as a United States Marine fighting in the first Gulf War. It describes all of the events of his life and everything he encountered and suffered through for over 20 years. It also shows how he decided to turn his life around and become successful with it and how that process took six years to accomplish. By reading this book you will benefit from his life and gain more than 20 years of knowledge, insight, and experiences that you can apply to your own life and the lives of others! Robert Serocki, Jr. has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, with an Emphasis on Archaeology, from Arizona State University. He was a professional archaeologist for nearly 20 years. He now is a full time author (www.robertserocki. com) and stock market investor. This is his second publication and he is now writing his third book. He also currently participates in a creative writing group at his local Veterans Administration Hospital helping veterans to heal from their grief and has plans to develop his own program to help others heal and become successful with their lives.


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