The Blacksmith: Life does not get better by chance; It gets better by change.


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Inspired by an old Civil War photo that looked uncannily like the author, he set out to overcome all of the obstacles of his life and find meaning and purpose in this physical world.
He overcame a 25-year ordeal with PTSD that stemmed from multiple instances of bullying in his childhood, being disregarded by his own family, and the life-threatening situations he found himself in on many occasions while serving in the Marine Corps and being deployed to the front lines during the first Gulf War. These experiences culminated with the author ending up homeless and losing everything he had except his truck. Imagine the feeling of having no one to turn to for help and feeling like you are an outcast in society.
Armed with his faith, the author turned within for answers, accepted and incorporated spiritual guidance, and began his journey to fulfill his divine life purpose. The author walks you through exactly how he analyzed his dreams and kept detailed notes of them. He was able to extrapolate the messages his unconscious mind was giving him. Using them as a guide he was able to put behind all the traumatic events from his past.
Using meditation, dream analysis, prayer, incorporating a healthy diet and a set of goals, his life would start to move in a positive direction. This book lays out a detailed plan that the reader can incorporate in their own life. They can use this process of self-awareness to overcome whatever obstacle or difficulty they are having. It shows you with examples how your dreams can be analyzed for the special messages that your unconscious mind is trying to make the conscious mind aware of.
The author put an incredible amount of research and effort into this project. It is his gift to all those who feel hopeless or need to overcome traumatic events that have negatively impacted their lives. It is his hope that with the plan laid out in this book, that the reader can overcome the suffering that so many go through in life and find their own divine life purpose. He uses his life as an example and his plan as a template for anyone to overcome all that holds them back in this world.


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